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Learn in just 5 hours how to successfully navigate the entire car buying process techniques by attending the Car Buying Mastery online training course. Our instructors are prepared to answer any questions about the best tips and strategies for buying a car or truck from a dealership in the US.



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The Car Buying Mastery course will walk you through 10 separate modules, 5 hours of instruction, covering the car buying process, and will help you master buying a new or pre-owned car or truck from a dealership the right way, without losing a ton of money during the transaction.


Getting Ready

We’ll start the training course by laying the ground for the potential buyer who is in the market for a vehicle in the next 0-6 months.

  • Instructor: Perry Mallory

Getting Set

After collecting the right steps of the strategy, it is time to establish a good foundation by observing and implementing the steps learned

  • Instructor: Perry Mallory


This is the time when everything is aligned, due diligence has been established, and is now time to go close your best deal as a consumer.

  • Instructor: Perry Mallory


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  • Course Introduction
  • Receiving Pre-Approval
  • Researching Your Vehicle
  • Using Some of the Top Online Resources to Research
  • Using Manufacturer Websites
  • Using Comparison Websites
  • Understanding the Moroney Sticker
  • Test Drive - Advanced Tips
  • Test Drive - Going Beyond This Course
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The Car Buying Mastery Course enables you to take control over the buying process by being more knowledgeable of key steps in the process that determine the outcome.

  • Car Buying Services
  • Handling Your Trade (if applicable)
  • Used Car Inspections

Vehicle Protection

This section covers the important areas of adding GAP and extended warranties into the mix – what’s wise and what’s not wise.

A Strong Partnership

This section strategically ties together key team players that make this entire strategy work and remain consistent – purchase after purchase.

Course Wrap-Up

This is the concluding section that wraps everything up, ties up any loose ends, and answers any unanswered questions. Free resources are provided.

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When you register you get immediate access to the entire 10-module course which will walk you through the steps of selecting a vehicle to taking delivery of that vehicle. You can pace yourself throughout the course because everything will be unlocked and available immediately after registration.

$69 Regular

$39 Limited Offer


Car Buying Mastery’s Course Will…

  • Teach you how to do your due diligence and get the best deal possible.
  • Provide you with tools that will relieve you of the stress of car buying while providing you with an advantage at the dealership.
  • Unveil the process step by step and compile a comprehensive checklist timeline based on best practices for the average shopper.
  • Highly increase your confidence level to confidently purchase any vehicle you want from any dealership.

Car Buying Mastery’s Course Will Not…

  • Upsell you.The registration fee covers the costs associated with the entire course.Nothing additional.
  • Waste your time with unproven and untested theories. Everything has been proven.
  • Bog you down with antiquated strategies and methods that don’t hold their water in today’s market.
  • Complicate the subject matter by making things highly technical, laced with lots of industry jargon.

Credit Unions

Are You Trying to Book More Auto Loans and Sell More Services?

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There’s a good chance that your answer is YES. But what’s hindering you?

Did you know that 96% of your members start their car shopping online at old, established websites such as Autotrader, Kelly Blue Book, and NADA Guides… and are directed to Lending Tree?

We Have a Solution

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Our Philosophy

We, at the Car Buying University, believe that our charge is to equip people to handle the second largest investment that they make in life.

Our Principles

We will be an innovative and training institution, the average consumer’s first choice, and a national leader for consumer advocacy.

Our Key to Success

Our key to success is partnering with the right establishments and we value Honor, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence.



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Pauline Smith

Online Marketing Specialist

Pauline has a broad industry experience built while working for famous corporations and innovative startups which makes her a great instructor.

  • Highly enthusiastic problem solver
  • Loves to share information with peers

"I absolutely loved to work with Pauline's team while she was Marketing Manager at Delloite. She's a seriously dedicated person and loves to develop awesome digital courses."

John Monroe - General Manager, Delloite
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Mike Brown

Business Developer

Mike is a highly skiled business developer with hands-on experience in managemnt positions at popular organiations and in his own companies.

  • Great communicator with public speaking skills
  • Works best when challenged with cool projects

"My experience with Mike goes back in the days when he was starting his own company and pushed some cool and innovative courses together with high quality services."

Bill Vancouver - General Manager, Monopoly
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Perry Mallory

Founder / Manager

Hello! I’m Perry Mallory, and I founded Virtual Kingdoms™ to help brands, influencers and individuals reverse engineer their marketing efforts and launch profitable products and services online. I’m also the creator of #CarBuyingMastery, a 10-module online intensive that helps people dominate the car-buying “game” and win every time.



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  • Q

    What happens after I register?

  • A Upon registration, you will receive a link sent to your email address which redirects you to our online training course platform. You will then confirm your credentials.
  • Q

    Will these strategies work where I live?

  • A This training course is applicable for car buyers in the United States and the content is based on real life case studies conducted by our instructors. We have yet to test these strategies outside the US.
  • Q

    Can you guarantee how much I will save?

  • A We will not estimate how much you will save on your transaction – each deal is different. But if you implement the strategies share in the course you will save. You will definitely get back the fee of the course!
  • Q

    What language is the course recording in?

  • A Currently, the course has only been recorded in English. We will eventually publish the course in Close Caption and in Spanish. These versions are yet to come.


Happy Customers




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Thousand Saved

Car Buying University’s online course is highly recommended to anyone interested in purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle from a dealership. It is especially useful for members of Credit Unions.

Larry Volgen - StartUp Founder